Tuesday, 25 November 2008


With the colder weather coming, this blog has now migrated to warmer climes - www.martinphelps.com/blog

see you there....

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Lodger Shoes with Soundslides

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Lodger Shoes

So the Lodger shoe shops are finally open for business///

This one, in Mayfair, ....

shop outside sm.jpg by you.

... and this one at www.lodgerfootwear.com

Congratulations to Nathan and his team for pulling it all together. 
Read all about it in his blog : www.gentlemanscorner.com

Pewsey Carnival

Pewsey Carnival 2008 - Somewhat more subdued than in previous years as the thought police have finally taken control. No alcohol in the procession? WTF?? I'm sure people have been getting drunk and going out in procession for generations. It's got that feel of a big blowout after harvest, a chance for everyone to go mad with relief at the end of September after working themselves into the ground 18 hours a day getting the crops in, to lose their grip, dress up and drink reindeer urine or something, to cop off with that someone you haven't been brave enough to speak to all summer, and generally have a party. Only now the fuel for all the fun, incendiary booze, has been removed from the equation by the local powers-that-be, the police force and the insurers, in the hope of removing all possibility of injury and of restoring the carnival to the mythical status of "family-friendly" event. And suddenly the magic all but disappears. Or at least the edge. 

Oh well, here's some pictures.....

b0505.jpg by you.
pcso on the prowl for illicit booze

b0353.jpg by you.b0160.jpg by you.b0497.jpg by you.b0219.jpg by you.

and some more.... 

New Agricultural Photos Microsite

I put this one together in the hope of attracting a few clients from the food and farming industries. Most of the work on the site was done for Eastbrook Farm Organics, The Soil Association, The Land Trust, and various magazines and newspapers. 

Take a look....

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Bourton on the Water, Football in the River

Monday, 25 August 2008

Skypower Ballooning

I first met Phil Hossack, owner of Skypower and GoBallooning a couple of months ago whilst photographing for an article for a local magazine. He'd just been awarded the freedom of the City of London, which allows him to drive sheep through Trafalgar Square and get drunk and disorderly without fear of arrest. Since then I've flown with him twice (sober and without sheep) in tiny baskets high above Wiltshire and Northamptonshire, and once in one of his big "ride" balloons with 14 happy customers. 


b0286.jpg by you.